Sakhi Group under the prominent leadership of Md. Anwar Shawkat Afser as Managing Director emerged into a separate physical entity from Bengal Bay Group, after the demise of it's founder Chairman Late Md Alhaj Rafizuddin Ahmed (Sakhi) and Late Syeda Jebunessa , which was then one of the largest business group in Bangladesh. Established in 1976 as part of Bengal Bay Group, Sakhi Group commenced its journey in 1989 as a Shipping and In house Logistics enterprise.

Over the past 27 years, Sakhi Group has made core strategic investments into Shipping, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Mining, Ceramics, Petroleum, Telecommunications, Airline Representations, Deep Sea Fishing, Construction & Engineering, Consultancy Services, Project Cargo Handling & Commodities Trading. Currently Headquarted in Chittagong, Bangladesh and with offices in almost all the major cities throughout the country and overseas.