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Sakhi Group is a regional leader in providing total mineral solutions across industry verticals. It is the preferred partner of leading global brands for their mineral requirements, specifically in ceramics in Bangladesh and in South East Asia.

We have partnered with a number of global conglomerates in these respective fields such as :

  • Conglomerates Tree
  • Rescom Holdings

    Rescom Holdings is one of the largest mineral and metal conglomerates in the GCC and Asia Pacific regions. The company prospects, mines, sources, processes and delivers minerals and metals to the world’s leading oil drilling, ceramic, glass, construction, energy and fertilizer industries. Located in UAE, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

  • Trimex Group

    Trimex Group today is one of the region’s largest mineral and metal conglomerate. The company prospects, mines, sources, processes and delivers minerals and metals to the world’s leading oil drilling, ceramic Industries. Headquartered in UAE.

  • Sri Hill Minerals.

    Sri Hill Minerals is a leading mining conglomerate in the South Asian market established in the year 2012. Locations covers all most all parts of India. Headquartered in Tiruppur. Tamil Nadu, India.

  • Simexpo Sdn Bhd

    Simexpo Sdn Bhd, , a leading regional leader in minerals sourcing with interests in all areas of the minerals supply chain, from mining and logistics to processing and research & development. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia providing total mineral solutions across industry verticals

  • Fusan Clays & Glazes (FCG)

    Fusan Clays & Glazes (FCG) One of the leading mining company in the South east Asia. Having served various industries for over 40 years in Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia. FCG today specializes in custom blending of additives, clay-blends, clay-bodies, composite-glazes, pigments, fluxes & engobes primarily for the ceramic industry. It also trades & distributes a wide range of industrial chemicals, minerals & functional (technical) fillers.

Additionally, Sakhi Group provides Shipping, Logistics Solutions, Supply Chain Management , Research and Development services. We also caters to paper, paint, chemicals and cement industries.

Across the Middle East and Asia, the ceramic and tile industry is witnessing an era of unprecedented growth. Manufacturers are compelled to strive for better quality and cost efficiency to remain competitive. At Sakhi Group, we partner the client, understand their specific requirements and then provide not just customised raw materials but a turnkey, end-to-end supply chain solution.

Core Strengths :
  • We provide total mineral solutions to ceramic manufacturers
  • End-to-end supply chain
  • Vast regional knowledge base
  • Talented, experienced team



Acquisition and consolidation of Soda and Potash feldspar Mines in Thailand and India covers the requirements of customers in the Middle east and Far-east.

  • Soda & Potash Feldspar Lumps (0-100mm)
  • Soda & Potash Feldspar Chips (0- 5mm)
  • Soda & Potash Feldspar Powder for ceramic grade and Glass grade

Ball Clay (Plastic , Non-Plastic and Semi Plastic) :

Ball clay is mainly used by ceramic Industry for the Tiles, tableware and sanitary-ware. Origin - Malaysia, China & Indonesia

  • High Plastic Clay for Ceramic Body
  • High Density Ball clay for Ceramic Industry
  • Refined Ball Clay Noodles for Sanitary ware


The calcined products show very good potential for Paper, Paint, Ceramic and Rubber Industry application due to High Brightness and good structure. Kaolin is refined in the standard way with series of Hydro cyclones after bleaching followed by drying to improve the Brightness of product. Origin - Indonesia & India

  • Cerafill (325 Mesh Powder)
  • Zirco Clay (Kaolin Noodle)

Zircomin :

Zirconium Silicate is one of the most important opacifiers used in the ceramic industry.

  • Zircomin used in Ceramic Industry as opacifier
  • Production of Ceramic Frits
  • Sanitary ware products
  • Refractory
  • Foundry

Quartz -For Ceramic Industry Pyro - For Ceramic Industry
We have :
  • Teams of geologists constantly prospecting for new resources.
  • Environmentally friendly mining.
  • Guaranteed supply of minerals.